Sunday, September 8, 2013

Den Wednesdays: Animal Jam School

Hi, here's this week's Den Wednesday! This took a LOOOONG time and was a big project. Sorry it took so long ;)

For a school, make sure to put outdoor decorations. No one wants to play at recess with no equipment!
on the inside, put lots of decks, but not to many to show a crowded area. Two chalkboards work nice, but one is fine (one in front and one in back). Hang posters and banners to make the room friendly, and don't forget the Animal Jam Flag! Show your AJ pride! Bookshelves are a MUST! Have a couple of them! Don't forget the teacher's desk! Teaching might be hard so put a cup of tea, coffee, or juice on it. Plants spice up the room too. The toy box is a great addition no other schools have. Get a toy box and scatter toys by it. A bell also is cool to have for music class and you can ask Jammers to get their instruments for themselves! And finally... don't forget to have fun!!!

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