Monday, September 16, 2013

RIM - Rare Police Hat, Stethoscope & Phantom Lockbox

Hey Jammers! Sorry for such late posts D:

The RIM is.... A Rare Police Hat on page 11!!!

Also one of the items is the Stethoscope in the Medical Center
And the Phantom LOCK BOX oooooooh :O

Also there is a new icon for people with no freechat

Three new articles on the DE:

A new movie in Tierney's Theatre:
 And AJHQ is sending requests for Birthday Dens:

Finally the Find it friday winner is...
Catbusy38! Congrats!! Never doubt you wont win ;) !!

P.S I'm Starting Mail Time on my Youtube Channel!! I just started it :D Thank you to all the kind words and generous gifts! Click HERE to go to my Youtube Channel

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