Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pet Fantasy Castle, Potted Flower Hat & Den Wednesdays!

Hey Jammers~ The newest items are being sold in Epic wonders & Jam Mart Clothing:

 Who else just LOVES this clastle :D :D :D :D

And the second item WAS an "unreleased item" before today:
 I did recently post about it too :o)

The DE posted two things:
Congrats Arctic Wolf!
And here is the other post about Awesome Jammer Art!!

Daredevil Happyfeet

Darling Majorwolf

Precious Bravecat

Precious Spiritmoon

Snowflake Cottonmoon
Congrats to Daredevil Happyfeet, Darling Majorwolf, Precious Bravecat, Precious Spiritmoon, and Snowflake Cottonmoon! The last pic reminds me of RiO! Dat move :3 Also these were the winners for when AJHQ asked us to draw them photos of animals migrating :3

AJHQ now has this symbol at the top of the log in screen 
And when you play animal jam, at the bottom right corner!

Check out this cool little idea AJHQ sent us :3

Did you know the shelves are more useful? They can be more than just shelves! Like...

Fancy tall tables in a restaurant (they look beautiful with stools and a matching colored lantern)

And a soda counter! (they look great with a color scheme)
Thank you to jaclynm7 for the idea :D


  1. Hey Gringersnap! bubble000pogo here! I was just wondering... do you do Animal Jam Mailtime/ Fanmail? Also, how did you make the cursor big and rainbow colored?


    >^..^< =3

    1. I really don't know how to get your mouse rainbow.... and Gringersnap does do mailtime!


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