Monday, September 9, 2013

RIM - Rare Royal Cape

Hey Jammers! The week's RIM is here!

Great color choice! That combo looks good together!

The DE posted too:

The new design they do is pretty cool!

Here is a cool tip today from AJHQ:

Hmm.... they hinted elephants...does this mean they and rhinos & giraffes are coming soon?!

And lastly (almost lastly) the leaves are starting to change color on the seasonal tree:
 Ahhh fall. So cozy. So warm. So welcoming.

Now introducing a new Segment that was inspired by Snowyclaw (Yeah I know, TWO new segments in a row?! Oh Gringer!) Mysterious Monday!



For the Fist every mysterious monday we will look at this:

Who's cave was this? Why is it blocked off? Who build it?!

And finally some news:
Loads of stuff will be coming on the last week of September. I can't tell you what stuff. It's a secret...shhhh...


  1. Maybe Harper once used it as a den. That would be very cool if an alpha lived in that cave I stare at all the time, wondering about it!Harper is cool. Did you get the rare frankenstien mask I sent you? And one thing...

  2. Hehehe i actually drew a wanted picture of a giraffe and sent it to ajhq it sucked though XD i hope the giraffes rhinos and elephants return soon!

  3. I like the new segment, but did you get snowyclaws permission to do it? i think you should ask snowyclaw (if you haven't asked yet) if you can do it.


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