Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sapphire Birthstone & Wind Amulet

Hey Jammers, sorry I couldn't blog yesterday, RL things...

But toay was a GREAT day thanks to two people (Info down below)

The New item today is the Sapphire Birthstone

You know what that means! Giveaway coming soon!!

Yesterday's new item was the Wind Amulet:

The DE posted about two things:

And theirs a new video in Sarepia Theatre :3

Have you guys seen THIS?!?!
Thank you to Catbusy38 for the gift!!!!!
 An item that isn't in stores yet... hmmmm... is it to come?!?! It looks very cool, so interesting!

These two people made my day by seeing me and saying how they were big fans! Thank you guys so much!!!



BOTM posted
Costume Corner posted
Have you seen the leaves falling?!?!^-^ 
Music coming soon....


  1. Your welcome, and i think the falling leaves are SO COOL AND EPIC!!!!!!!!!!Howd you get those?? they are so so cool

  2. YES I SAW LEAVES FALLING WHAT THEHECK ARE THEY DOIN' THERE?! Oh yeah. Fall comin' soon. Nevermind! :) By the way, what's BOTM? If the M was a B it would be Battle Of The Books where I live, but it isn't a b. :(
    -Creature SpiritChamp
    (By the way, how old do you have to be to follow a blog? Thanks.)

  3. can I please have the sapphire birthstone? I know that the giveaway isn't out soon but my birthday is in 12 days and im really excited so it would make my day if youd come meet me and give it to me :)

  4. Hey Gringersnap,

    When do you usually go on Animal Jam? I REALLY want to meet you!


  5. I've only seen 1 person so far with a potted plant, and 113457 has also seen only one. We both FREAKED OUT when we found out that they were a prize in Meet Cosmo (possibly. . . . . .?)
    I think they belong in the Tiger Cave.
    ALSO. . . . LATELY I'VE SEEN GOLD CHAINS AND SILVER CHAINS. They are only found in the arctic wolf cave on hard mode. I only know of one person that has one, and there username is. . . .I FORGOT. :(
    Sooooooooooo. . . .yeah. Hope this comment was helpful!

    1. I traded the potted flower hat for a giant gumball machine.

  6. I cant wait for the saphire giveaway when will you start giving them away?

  7. You are welcome, and those falling leaves are epic, pretty, and nice.


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