Thursday, September 19, 2013

Phantom Cell, Doctor's Bag, NTT, and Den Wednesdays

Hey jammers!! Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, my Internet crashed so I couldn't get on for like 2 days e.e

There are two new items:

And new new DE posts:

So I was in the Adventures and I saw someone with a CORK!!

[Yeah thats my icon in the corner sorry about that XD ]

Later she went to Mt. Shiveer... and it followed her!! 
Have you seen this?! Is there a way to get it in the Base Camp?!?!

Also, Have you seen the new Kangaroo badges?! Cuuute!!


This weeks's NTT is a cool fall look for your animal. It looks well on expecially bunnies.
A closer Look:
I think these colors go good together fine! What you will need for this: Old Blanket (200 gems), Head Feather (Sky High or Trade) and Heart Necklace (Sky High or Trade). And the best part is--It's COMPLETELY Non Member!!!


Lots of items you wouldnt think look good together WOULD!!

And lot's of those make GREAT walk ways!! Like these torches!


  1. Do u like Nyan Cat I do Do u?

    1. i love nyan cat meow meow meow


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