Wednesday, June 28, 2017

AJ Adopt a Pet Clip Plushie (Series 1) Review

Hey Jammers! So I've been on the hunt for some adopt-a-pets for a while now, and I've run into two different Animal Jam collectible toys that I didn't know existed!

I saw this one at Fred Meyer, in case you were wondering where to find this! Not sure if they sell them everywhere, 'cause I have only seen these in this one store :L .

 Anyway, lets move on to the review! First off, sorry for the poor backgrounds, I was so excited to see what I got I couldn't wait to set up when I got home x3

Here's the front side:

And here's the back:

I ended up getting Kittytitan, the cat of the bunch!

Her eyes and nose are absolutely adorable! She looks very sweet in tiny plush form.

On the back of the code's slip, there's a Did You Know fact:

Very fitting, considering Kittytitan has a lovely hairdo.

And finally, what is the code worth? Well if you enter it you get...

1 diamond in AJ and 15 sapphires in Play Wild

This cost 4.99 at Fred Meyer, so if you want to pick one up you can! 

In my opinion, even though the plushie is super cute, it isn't worth it if you're just in it for the code. You could get 10 diamonds for the same as two plushies, as opposed to 2 diamonds. 

But if you aren't in it for the code then great!

 It's quality made, in fact I didn't see any loose strings or feel any sort of loose/cheap fabrics. Sturdy stitching, very quality. And the diamond is a nice bonus too ;)


  1. I was wondering when those would be released! Hopefully they release them where I live soon:)

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