Thursday, June 22, 2017

SPIKES, 1000 Pets, Alpha Party and TONS of New Items!

Hey Jammers!! So the Jamaa Journal came out today with a ton of news!

There will be a spike sale this weekend!! This is great for everyone who loves spikes, me included!

Now ALL JAMMERS can have 1000 pets!!! How cool is that!

There's a new den for sale, Greely's Hideout!

Plus a new pet for the eggstravaganza? What will it be? We must wait 3 days to find out!

 There's a NEW ALPHA PARTY with a Journey Book!! I'll be sure to check it out and post a Journey Book guide!

Holy cow! A new adventure? SWEET!

Oh Dear! Be sure to pick up an Arctic Fox before July 6th before they travel away!

Great news for artists, there are new frames for your masterpieces!

And finally, there are AJ books for sale!

Now let's take a look at all the new stuff!

Greely's Hideout looks epic, I wouldn't want to mess with anyone who has this den!

In the Ocean Diamond Shop, there's a new Banquet Table for your sandcastle c:

There are tons of new Zios and Mira items, including hats,


 and banners. How awesome! My favorite has to be the plushies, they look so super cute as little plushies!!

I posted a bunch of Animal Jam CODES! Click here to get to the post:

Stay tuned for more posts on this news today, I want to make specific posts for some of these topics!

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