Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sandcastle Items, Summer Carnival and Art Gallery! + Major Blog News

Hey Jammers! There's a new line of sandcastle themed furniture for sale in Sunken Treasures.

I think the sandcastle lamp is my favorite, It's like a mini sand-light house!

Art is becoming huge in Jamaa! You can purchase an easel to paint at home from the Epic Wonders shop.

Tierney's Aquarium has a new set up to admire

It's world Ocean day! Click on the banners throughout Jamaa

Here's the summer carnival prize lineup:

Some new stuffs as well as old classics! I absolutely love the archways.

A polar bear hat is among the old hats in the Museum

Now back to art! There is an art party you can attend by clicking the easels in Jamaa.

Works with lots of likes get put up in the gallery.

This is a pretty area in the gallery, I love the plants!

 By the plant area, there is an art shop. It sells the items from the Art Studio in Coral Canyons.

  • My apologies for the removed images throughout my blog, my old computer was wiped clean. I do have backups of some images, but not all unfortunately :(
  • On the topic of pictures, I'm getting the recovered pictures back up
  •  I'd like to carry the tradition of my weekly segments, like den ideas, and AJ Secrets & Mysteries. I would also love to update on Jamaa news and new items! 

  • Unfortunately I cannot post every day, but no worries! I will post as much as I can!
  • Also, I'm looking through my clothes and den items, and I'm seeing some stuff that I think would be awesome to have as contest prizes. So stay tuned for a chance to win RARE & uncommon items!
Along with me returning my good friend Hyperbird77 (AKA Slugehammer) is back too! Check out his blog here:

Animal Jam Alley

Thats all for now! 

Gringersnap :)

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