Friday, June 23, 2017

Clearance Items, SECRET Item, Plus Find-It-Friday

Hey Jammers! Here is a list of the current clearance items as of 6/23/17:

Treetop Gardens:

Outback Imports:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Jam Mart Furniture:

Epic Wonders:

Sunken Treasures:

 The SECRET Epic Dens item is...

An Antique Chair! Get it by clicking the chair, which is located upwards the arcade area (to the left most of the den)

Overflow is now x2 GEMS!! I love this game, so this is great news!


Yep! I'm bringing it back! If you get bored in Jamaa, check back here every Friday to exercise your eagle eye! Can you find this week's FIF? Check back next week for the answer!!!

  • I'm going to make a new page for Den Wednesday!
  • Changed How To's to Guides
  • I'll be setting up a new Trading Post page, so it isn't cluttered with old trades

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