Thursday, June 29, 2017

Freedom Day Preperation & NTT

Hi Jammers! AJHQ is gearing up for Freedom Day on July 4th! They've updated the home screen to make it look like it's nighttime with fireworks in the back!

There was a new page in the Jamaa Journal that talks about their excitement for it!

There's a bunch of new Freedom items in the Diamond Shop, but if you want to complete the outfit, it's 15 gems! :O 

New furniture was added to the Freedom Party, including an Ice Pop Stand. It's a nice touch to the freedom theme, reminds me of when I was younger and ate those red white & blue popsicles while watching fireworks!

Also, pick up a new Freedom Shell Bracelet from the Freedom Clothing Shop!

 Let's not forget the other new item (which isn't Freedom themed), the Ancient Phantom Arch. It appears AJHQ is carrying on the theme of the dig site & ancient items.

Just a little update I thought was neat was that they updated the sidebar's pattern. It used to be just a blue color, but they added swirls recently.


Since this is the last Thursday before Freedom Day arrives, I thought I'd make this a special one! Check out these multiple Freedom themed outfits. I've also included non-member ideas, because none of you guys should be left out from the Freedom fun!

back view, because it's too cute!

dont hold back on using non-traditional freedom colors

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