Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cute Squid Hat, Code Prizes + Den Wednesday

Hey Jammers!!! Today there are two new items, one in Jam Mart Furniture and the other in Jam Mart Clothing.

Isn't the Squid Hat just adorable! It reminds me of Splatoon lol

Remember to pick up the Clearance Penguin,

And Arctic Fox before they're gone!

In Play Wild, there are several new items:

Plus the Play Wild membership gift of the week is super cool:


Also, two posts ago I talked about the leaked book codes (heartstone & riddlethis). Well if you have your account linked up with the Play Wild app, you get 700 gems for EACH code :) . That's 1400 in total!

CONTEST WINNER! Congratulations to fuzzyllamas1334 for correctly guessing the eggs location in my den! It was behind the balloon bundle :)


Don't be afraid to put furniture over static (not movable), permanent furniture! Like the kitchen setup in the restaurant den. You can make it look more cozy, and if you add the the cake baking set, you can actually make something in the restaurant!
preciousglamgem's den

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