Tuesday, June 27, 2017

New Items, Clearance Items,

Hey Jammers! There are three new items in Jam Mart furniture, related to adventures. Neat!

Also a firework stand was added to the Freedom Party's furniture store.

Be sure to pick up all the Zios vs Mira Items before they're gone. 

Trivia Tuesday
I'm starting up a new segment called Trivia Tuesday where I share little known facts about AJ!

Usually, when you play as an eagle and try to have an egg accompany you, you can't. But at the pets only party, if you don't have a pet equipped on your eagle and the last pet you had on land was an egg, it will show up with your eagle!

Blog News

  • I've added a find it Friday page! You can access it by clicking the eagle on the right, or down below! P.S, I made the graphic myself :)

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