Thursday, June 22, 2017

Call Of The Alphas Jorney Book Guide

 Here's a guide on where to find ALL the Alpha Items in the Call of the Alphas Party.

 You get spawned in front of a field of flowers

To the right of the span, there is a path down to a bridge. Follow that path to the other bridge that has a patch of dandylions. In the dandylions is Lisa's Camera!

Just past the first bridge is a little bunny town (which btw is adorable). Go next to the carrot patch and wait for the carrots to pop out. One of them will pop out with Peck's Earring.

North of the spawn point is Cosmo's Hat, which falls from a tree.

South East of the Spawn point, there is a foggy town, and at the end of it is a little gear house with a makeshift clothing line. On the line are Graham's Goggles

Going upwards of the foggy village, there are three tents set up in a grassy area. Wait for the blue tent on the left to open up and reveal Sir Gilbert's Armor.

North East of the spawn point is a winding path. Eventually you will find phantom gunk, and if you follow that, Greely's Cape will blow in the wind and get caught in the tree.

Following that path, you will come to the canyon area. Go down until you stumble upon a tent set up. There on the barrel is Sir Gilbert's Map.

Upwards the canyon biome, some dust will blow and reveal Liza's Compass.

Going East of the spawn point, you will see crumbled ruins. Follow that path to a rocky terrian. Go to the left, and there will be a grassy patch with Cosmo's Seed Bag.

 Climbing up the rocks, there will be lava. Wait by the lava patch for Graham's wrench to pop up from a bubble of lava.

Climbing up further, there will be an art area with paint splattered around. Peck's Paintbrush will fall, clinging on a cobweb.

Finally, as you near the top, there will be a cave where Greely's Journal pops up.

Once you've collected them all, you will receive an Alpha Archway!

  • If it's laggy, spam each object with clicks. Some objects move, so you might miss getting it
  • Use a flying animal to search for the items, it speeds things up
  • If you're doing this in one go, make sure you don't have plans. This might take a while.

Have fun! I hoped this helped you :o)

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