Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bass Camp Music

Hey Jammers! Today the new item is the Bass Camp music.
I've always loved that music! 
The DE has done a report about Outback Imports. 

Brady Barr and Tierney have new videos. 

.:Glitches Galore:.
Check out this pathway glitch, you can do this with any pathway or doorway.
But this one is in Canyons Pathway, and only half is visible!

First Stand by the Pathway

Change into an animal while walking on the entrance/exit

On the canyons pathway if you walk to the left, you can't go anymore, so only half is visible!!

The new tab is now open. I will do a new costume corner each month :3


  1. Oh, wow. I never knew Bass Camp was sold at the diamond shop! I traded an orange fox hat for that music. SILLY ME! XDDD Oh well, it doesn't matter. At least I don't have to spend my diamonds! o3o


    1. A FOX HAT FOR DIAMOND SHOP MUSIC...! Well... I don't like spending diamonds either...

  2. Did you notice how they spelled "Base Camp?" They spelled Base Camp as the fish (bass), which is weird. Okay, I'm so confused. Anyway, Jammers who are reading, Jam on! I am going to post a new blog called, "AJ GA, The Animal Jam Blog." If you're wanting to see my new blog, check it out! It's all about Animal Jam. I will always be posting goals for you. If you complete one of the goals, post a comment about that goal you've completed. I am giving away "Rare Bow And Arrows" for my goal you can complete, "Target Practice." It is so simple when you start. To join my club, all you have to do is, click the post, "Join The AJ GA Club!" To see all of the goals you can try out at the time, please click "Goals." It is 100% free! Try the limited time goals that you can complete. Remember, if you have completed a goal, don't worry! There are always new goals you can play. Just click the link to go and play Animal Jam to finish your goal and claim your prize! I do not want your password. I only need your username. I will send you your prize if you're a club member on Animal Jam, but if you're non-member, publish a comment to my blog, so I can trade you when we're both online. Please tell me if your prize wasn't sent to you. If it isn't, just leave a comment. I will respond when I have some time. By the way, "Animal Jam Expert," you have a very neat blog. I totally understand. I have a question about the new game, "Tunnel Town." Do you know how to place these "Tunnel Pipes in your home? If you do, please respond when you have time. I know you're busy.

      LOL -jhana
      I'll make sure to check out your blog, it sound even remotely interesting!


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