Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pet Spider Plushie

Hey Jammers! The second little spider plushie has come into stores!

 Sweeeeeeet! I love how it has 4 eyes XD. But I did have a glitch where it still said "Giant" even though it is little. I logged out and the name was STILL there O.o

Your animation
Speaking of Glitches, I saw this:
Notice the TWO Hey Jammers! signs? They both came up at almost the same time xD
The Daily Explorer has posted Awesome Jammer Art!
Congrats to Baron Spiritclaws, Eternal Tinyghost, Blooming Arcticgirl, Duchess Poshpaw, and Infinity Fierywolf!!!!

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  1. Cool,didn't notice that glitch! The weirdest glitch is the rare backpack is still in stores O.O Maybe AJHQ is taking a long nap. Also awesome party and thanks for picking me for most like owner :)
    ~Animetacos <3


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