Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tie-Dye Shirt

Hey Jammers! Today's newest item is the unreleased (now released) tie-dye shirt!!

The DE has posted about Adventure Hard mode
The game that is gems x2 currently is..

Eat 'Em Up! I LOVE that game :3

Also, have you guys noticed the gem symbols?
 The gem symbol at the Summer Carnival suggests that there is a capital G with two dashes: like this:
Which is also like this symbol: €

But, this cash register in the Animal Museum says something different: No symbol whatsoever.
 While the register in the Flag shop tells us the gem symbol is much like the Summer Carnival one, but with one slash going down the middle like the "¢" symbol for cents.
 And finally the gem symbol on the Claw is just a lowercase "g"

So which one do you think should be the real gem symbol? Should it just stay all different?


  1. first comment yay

  2. Oh man!! One of my friends had the tie-dye shirt BEFORE it came out!!


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