Monday, August 19, 2013

RIM - Rare Bonnet

Hiya Jammers! I am NOT feeling well. :l I don't think it's allergies anymore...

Enough about my sickness, lets get to animal jam.

The newest RIM is the Rare Bonnet!
I love the colors on this!

The DE posted about it too-in a new format.
 HAHAHA x3 I love the pose of the Arctic Wolf xD and the bonnet... it's just...PERFECT!! x3

The newest video is in Sarepia Theatre
Interesting! Go check this out :o)

The person who commented it first on the Find-it Friday page was...
Dog28062! CONGRATS!!

*NEW* Alpha on the bottom of the Alphas Tab!!!
More Rares coming up on the Rares Blog

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