Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Stone Carved Stove

Whats Uppp Jammers?! *the ceiling*

Today the item is the Stone Carved Stove, which is so awesome.

Your animation

 The DE has posted some great Jammer Art:
Arctic Wolf

Fuzzy Shybird

Little Magicpaw

Princess Happyflower

Rosy Magicstar
Good Job Arctic Wolf, Fuzzy Shybird, Little Magicpaw, Princess Happyflower, and Rosy Magicstar!!!

The Newest Movie is in Brady Barr's Theatre:

Also my buddy ZebrasDoEverything4Less had spotted that her buddy infinitymagicheroisback had some items. 

Zebra said that her buddy got it from the adventures. I betcha they are coming up in Jam Mart Furniture or Kimbara Outback.

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