Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Teacher's Desk

Hey Jammerz! UGG more school-themed items D:

There is also an apple behind that member symbol, lol.

The DE has two new posts:

NUUU! I'm so mad I misssed RIM yesterday. >:( lol but still, the glasses are cute!!

Brady Barr has a new video too!

 AND YES, members do get their weekly diamonds today!
 I'm saving my diamonds up, thank you very much AJHQ ;)

And AJ Outfitters has a Back to School Pack:
Woah! I love that!! I might get it :3


  1. Every RIM I try to buy as much of it as possible. I could trade you one and have more leftover. I still have about 8 rare cool hairs from RIM two weeks ago. XD
    Come trade when you can! I'm 113457.
    -Creature SpiritChamp


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