Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ghosts, Birthstone, Spider Sulled-Skeleton Tarantula & a Printable!

click here to enter my ghost story contest :o

Hay Hay Hay Jammers. Can you smell the halloween? -breathes in air and drinks spiced pumpkin latte while wearing slippers and a sweater under a tree- it smells good. Like candy and spice. and that good candy not that crummy type that fouls your mouth. I hate that. It's already october! I can feels the halloween comin :-o

Well anyway there are tons of new items today. Strange for AJ, they've never done this (well as far as I know o.o; ) 

In ze Diamond Shop we haz a Pet Tarantula that was October's Monthly Member gift last year!
I love those! Gawsh those are adorable with those eyes •3•

Ghosties are now avalible in Jam Mart Furniture. 
 Just in time for my Halloween Ghost Story Contest. Mwahahahahahah >:)

Wallpaper and Flooring is avalible now! They are in the back of the pages!
 I LOVE the bat wallpaper! Do you want me to do a guide on wallpapers in dens? I'd be happeh to ^.^ (Im working on your last request, ideas for animal jam and when your bored.)

And two NEW Halloween items in stores at Jam Mart Clothing!!
 M. M. M. MMUST HHAAVE. I LOVE THESE. A TOTAL BUY FOR ME. I hope they come out with more >:)

And also in Bahari Bargains there is a Skull Necklace. On the second page. How silly!!

 And finally we have the birthstone
So purdy *o*

The DE posted the epic den of the week:
And Sarepia Theatre has a new vid:
You knew they HAD to do one on elephants, right ;) 

Greens are fading and leaves have dropped to the floor of the ground. What a sight :)

Now for our Jamaa Township notice thinggy of the day: did you see there are phantoms?! Some of them are hidden because the background is almost it's shade XD


 Here is a Night of the Phantoms Printable!!
Click to print, yo! 
Thats it for today :) Jam OOOON! 

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