Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to: Play Phantoms!

This is how to play the game Phantoms! lovated in the Phantom Portal. Here are the locations for the portals:

Coral Canyons
By the bridge to canyons pathway

Jamaa Township
By Jamaa Derby

Sarepia Forest
In the mushrooms

Temple of Zois
By the river

Mt. Shiveer
Up top by the mountain top

Kimbara Outback
It's in the middle of the land
Once your inside it will look like this

Click on this to get into the game

All you have to do is this:

Guide the phantoms towards these thinggys with your torch

If you get it in there it will vanish!

To the right bottom part of the game it show's what level you are on and how many phantoms you've trapped so far

To the left bottom part of the screen it will show phantoms and once you trap a phantom, the game will X one off!
As the game goes on, you will need to trap more phantoms into the portals. It WILL get harder the more levels you go on.

If you accidently let a phantom touch the candy it will spazz out and you will have to start again. (oops!)

If you get to level 5 and trap 15 phantoms you will win this!

Have fun & good luck!!

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