Friday, October 25, 2013

Im back, with new itemss!

Hey! You might have noticed I haven't posted in a while and i'm truly sorry for that. BUT I'M BACK! Everything is starting back up and is ready to go!

Anyhow here are TONS of new items:

 And the candy bowls have been put out! How many candies can you collect?!

the Crystal Sands bowl gives you candy corn!

what looks like a caramel treat is what you get in Kimbara Outback

In need of a chocolate treat? Head down to Appondale for a chocolate bar!

Down in Temple of Zois you can trick-or-treat to get a lolipop!

To get wrapped fruit candies go to Jamaa Township!
Before you catch a flick at the theatre grab a peppermint!

Need a light for this spooky night? Stop by the bowl next to Club Geoz!

Feeling christmas-y AND halloween-y? Head up to Coral Canyons for a candy cane!

Nothing says halloween like a popcorn! TO obtain it go to Mt. Shiveer!
 .:Glitches Galore:.
Even Candies have glitches! Look at the spooy caaaaaannnnddddyyy ccccaaaannnneeee :o !!

ALSO make sure to go to the newest ADVENTURE! It's right next to THE HIVE.
Someone suggested me making a page for TREE TRACKING! I WILL do one soon :)

Now the tree has lost most leaves, but still has clusters of them!

OH and two more things!!

I'm going to start an award program for people who enter contests, comment, ect. and see how it goes. It might become stressful after a while but I will see how things go! More info soon :)

I will post the Den Wednesdays, SnapCrafts, NTT and FIF this week, in the next post or so lol ;)

what does the fox say

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  1. You know the candies near Club Geoz? They give you lighting sticks!


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