Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SnapCrafts - Tealight Pumpkin

Here is how to make a cool Tealight Pumpkin

Materials you need:
-Clay in orange, green, black & white (air dry works best)
-Some sort of cutting tool, like a craft knife *Adult supervision reccomended*

Step one:
 Roll the clay out as a long skinny snake:
Step two: pull two small ends together:
Step three: cut two small triangles

Step 4: attach to the base!
Step 5: Continue curling up, but leave a space there you want a mouth:

Step 6: One more curl! Then cut two triangles OUT of it

 Step 7: Put two circles on top of them:

 Step 8: Add one more circle and a "nose" or just a cyllinder inbetween:

 Step 9: Add a top complete with a stem! You can also add a phantom if you wish!

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