Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vampire Mask, Eyeball Hat,

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 Hello Jammers, Welcome to this post ;D This new day's items are the...

 Vampire Mask, Eyeball Hat, Neck Bolts, Spooky Tree & Phantom Lights! ^-^

AJHQ wants your spooktacular Phantom Dens:

 And they also posted:

Gems x2 is TWISTER :D 
this is a weird "glitch". I'm not sure if it IS one. Look at what pops up when you want to make a new animal:
 YOU CAN BUY A KANGAROO FOR 1,000 GEMS!???!?!? WHAT. I spent 10 diamonds on one, only to see this >:( . But still, to the people who want one, who have no diamonds, here is a great price for it!!!

-Music ^w^
-Updated Strawberry the horse, going to update tonight or tomorrow :-) 
-TWO NEW TABS! [Animal Jam Secrets]  & [Things to do on Animal Jam]
-LOTS OF UPDATING with the tabs to the right -->
-Click-to-win coming either today or tomorrow [seriously fun :3 ]


  1. The reason it was selling for 1,000 gems is because you bought one. For example, I am a member, I haven't bought a kangaroo with diamonds. I don't see that in the animal maker. It's that way so that whenever you want a new too you don't need 10 diamonds. :3 sorry if I sounded rude!

  2. so sorry about this gringersnap, but they are right I'm a member now (yeah)! and i don't have a option to get the kangaroo, i got to get it with diamonds. sorry, but it would be cool.

  3. (Please note I did not mean for this to be spamming if it is. I don't know what spamming is lol...)
    Hi Gringersnap I joined chicken smoothie yesterday. I found you on there. I said I was 7 when I made my account (I'm not seven.)and now I can't post or whatever on the forums or whatever. Oh well.... I'll just spend a little time on chicken smoothie because nearly everyone spends most of their time on chicken smoothie in the forums. Hehe Gringersnap your awesome.

  4. ok gringersnap i bought a arctic wolf with my 10 diamonds and I then i went through the animal maker and saw a arctic wolf. That's what happened with u and ur kangaroo hope i helped :) ~ashtheshadowwalker


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