Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Spooky Party ;o [Where to get BATS!]

Here is the Spooky Party!

 To the left when you first get there it's a graveyard!

 To the right is a little ghost carved in the grass
Click to get a little ghost buddy!

Next to that are wilted flowers

Once your inside ya see a room like this:

To the left is a spooky room which you can turn into a ghost!

 To the right it's a shop!!!

Upstairs there is an organ with a music shop!

 In the attic lightning flashes with bats on the cieling
 Now to the awesome room. First there is a wardrobe:

 And now, for where the bats are. In that very room next to the window, there is a line in the wallapaper. Next to it is a bat imprinted in the paper. Click it.

 Now you can pick a bat!!!

And the moon looks so beautiful in this party.

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