Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lots of new items, NTT + FIF

Hey Jammers, here are the new hats in the Consorvation Museum!

I'm sad they took out the plushies, flags and bushes ;-;

Three new Halloween items are avalible underwater!

And - Hurray!! - the Cheetah is here!!!
Isn't it SO PRETTY *v*

The DE posted a lot, here are two posts x3

You can send NEW LETTERS to Buddies!

AJHQ sends us a friendly suggestion:

Also, in the Conservation Museum, there are new facts and videos!

Did you guys notice? the Kimbara Outack sign is back!!
And a new ad is floating around:
Leaves are piling up under the tree :)

is anyone else just in LOVE with the lights on the castle?!??!
In honor of Night of the Pahntoms and Halloween, I present a long list of halloween coustumes! CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM!

Last week's winneh was:

 Catbusy38! Good job, you got an eye :)

This week's is....

 Huh?!?! Where is THAT?!?


  1. Lost temple of Zios,Really close to the entrance to crystal sands.

  2. Hiya! When are you gonna update Strawberry The Horse? Thanks! :D :D :D

  3. Anything Animal Jam advertises is wayyyyyy exaggerating the game, or giving wrong impressions. So when kids look at that add, they think "Cool! Another game of War [or something]" and then they play it and find out it's a random free-far-all that has EVERYTHING limited when you start playing. Poof, there goes another user, one less username to choose. :| AJHQ, Please do not over advertise.


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