Friday, October 18, 2013

Lot's o new items :3

Hey Jammerrs! Sorry I havent been on. I've been drowning in homework /).(\ 

But there are tons of new items!!
Sunkin Treasures

Hot Cocoa Hut

Baharia Bargains

Epic Wonders
Lots of leaves have fallen to the ground ^.^

I will update more this weekend! Just wait :3


  1. i have been drowning in homework too! i have an ocean of homework at my house.. :|

  2. NUUU GRINGER DON'T LEAVE MEH!! YOU ARE MEH ONLY LINK TO AJ! My stupid computer broke down 'cause of some STUPID Zizzle that transported a virus into it. Now absolutely none of our extra CPUs work, and only one of out extra Monitors work. But what use is a monitor with no CPU? Not a clue. Our dad rarely lets us use his laptop, and then sometimes the laptop doesn't work, and this computer I'm on right now doesn't support flash or whatever. And my mom would practically KILL me if I dared to ever use her work computer. And yesh, I have homework too, but not too much. I'm growing accustomed to it. DON'T LEAVE ME GRINGER!
    -A very distressed 113457. :(


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