Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hockey Mask

Hey Jammers, the newest item is...
 The Hockey-y-y-yeeeee :O SCARY. The Hockey Mask Seriously Creepily Scariest Mask you'll see.

AJHQ posted awesome jammer art!
 Arctic Wolf

Enchanted Spiritpride

Princess Cuterose

Princess Prettyviolet

Snowflake Arcticwolf
Congrats and great job to Arctic Wolf, Enchanted Spiritpride, Princess Cuterose, Princess Prettyviolet, and Snowflake Arcticwolf!!!!!

Did you notice this new sign on the bottom of the AJ tab?
Doesn't the bamboo path look seriously creepy in the dim light?!?

Here are three great den ideas :3
A spooky  Graveyard:

 If you put a window next to ghosts, it leaves a cool effect!
 Put two different scary holes in a wall (a couple an eye and a mouth)  it looks SO SUPER COOL!

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