Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halo & Scary Balloons and Den Wednesdays

Ahoy Jammers [who says ahoy anymore .-.]. well anyway there are two new Night of the Phantoms items today:
The lovely Halo

 And the lovely scary balloons!
 AJHQ sent this Hay Jammers! to us:
 And they also posted cool art!!!

Arctic Wolf

Dancing Glamwolf

Princess Daisylily

Rosy Cutepaw

Rosy Glamfox

Congradumalations to Arctic Wolf, Dancing Glamwolf, Princess Daisylily, Rosy Cutepaw, and Rosy Glamfox!!!

Have you seen that AJ shrinks pumpkins in Jamaa Township! HEHE!!
And now for

Here is a great centerpiece for Night of the Phantoms!

You will need the items shown ^^^^. This really sets the mood for spooky to me!!!

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