Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halo & Bat Mask + DW + NTT + FIF = This Post!

Hey Jammers! Da newest item is the Halo sold in Bahari Bargains:

Also in Jam Mart Furniture is a Bat Mask!

And in Epic Wonders there are three items for the newest armor set!

The DE posted too:

The Gems x2 game is OVERFLOW!

Have you guys seen the new activity callender x3

AJHQ sent out a suggestion too! You should go check out the facts :o) 

Also the poll has ended:

 Now for the FUN STUFF!

Am I the only one who seriously loves the idea of being able to grab candies out of these around Jamaa?!!
Here are three spooktacular ideas for Halloween to spice up your den!

1. Tiki Torches and the Spooky Garden look great together!!!

 2. Horse Shoes around pictures give such a spooky effect, and I kinda like it :)

3. You should also decorate for your underwater den!! Thermal Vents are such a great decoration, and so are the items in Sunkin Treasures! Be sure to put your pets in too!!

Need a good Night of the Phantoms outfit but don't want to dress up in a coustume? Here is an outfit just for you (members, on Halloween I'll try out non-member coustumes :3)

Okay, this week's FIF is....

 Where in the Jamaa World could that be?!?! 2nd person to find it WINS!


  1. in the phantom vortex, its where the arm of the purple phantom (top left) comes into the blue phantom (bottom left).

  2. OOH OOH IT'S IN THE PHANTOM VORTEX!! I think at the top LEFT corner. . . . ? Just a guess. -113457

  3. its at the phantom room where you step onto the phantom portal and go to the secret room? ~AshTheShadowWalker (Ash)

  4. It's at the top left corner of the Phantom Vortex (I think top left!)


  5. 1.Enter the phantom vortex (Jamaa,Coral Canyons Passage etc..)
    2.On top of it are the violet phantoms (right and left) if you step on them they will glow and they also have tails or hand
    Tails or Hand of the Purple Phantom on Phantom Vortex <------ Answer


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