Thursday, October 3, 2013

Giant Phantom and NTT!

Hi Jammers :3 . Today the new item is the return of thr giant phantom!!!

 this>>>>>>>other phantom decor

The DE posted again

 and they posted the winners of Jammer Snaps!

Daredevil Rowdybrave

Infinity Grandpenguin

Jumping Prettyspirit

Mythical Spiritbunny

Victory Rainyfriend

Congrats to Daredevil Rowdybrave, Infinity Grandpenguin, Jumping Prettyspirit, Mythical Spiritbunny, and Victory Rainyfriend!!!!

In Brady Barr's Theatre there is a new video about Elephants
 And I spotted the Spooky Party!! Unfortunately my computer spazzed out. When it was on. But I will post it NEXT time I see it! (There is a secret thing in it too :D )
Now for the Jamaa Township noticed thing:
I love how everything's dark and spooky and then there are the leaves which are light and don't look darkend at all XD they really stand out XD

Also the beloved poll has ended D:

AJHQ has out the skeleton coustume, but here are some essentials you need for it.

 A white necklace and some black elf tail armor, along with these colors and this pattern:

I think this pattern looks like bones on a croc!

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