Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beta Party!

Hi! So AJHQ announced how the Beta Party is back for this wild weekend!

 Let's go to it B)

I've put together some nice landscape shots for you guys! This way you can see it better without a bunch of people standing in the way. Click on each picture to zoom in if you'd like.

This party is hosted in a den that was available during beta testing. In fact, during testing, this was the only den you could own. I love this den tbh, I wish they would release it again!

Outside, we see a nice front yard with a small pond. If you're an older jammer, you might remember that birdie over by the fence! I know I do lol.

The first room is filled with some older items. It's like a living room.

Upstairs is like a loft.Very cozy! Notice the main animals' pictures.These are four of the "Original 6" animals during beta testing.

And downstairs is a little band area with a shop to the right!

Speaking of the shop, here's whats for sale:

Seems pretty cool, but they're flat. No depth, no angles. They don't look right with any of the dens AJ provides. It's gonna be hard to incorperate them with other items in your den.

The only two items that seem the best to fit in anywhere are the statues.

But whatever lol.

This party has a mix of newer and older items! I like the simplicity of this party, and I absolutely love the aesthetics of the place.

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