Saturday, July 8, 2017

Green Lawn Chair and Jamaa Township Glitch?

Hey Jammers, how you doin? Today in Jam Mart Furniture, a green lawn chair is for sale, just in time for summer so we can sit out in the sun B) . The thing thats funny with this item is that even tho you can change the color of the chair, it will still be called "Green Lawn Chair" xD

Because team Zios won this years vidcon competition, the rare symbol is being put on all team Zios stuff that was for sale. I mean I get why they're doing this, but it seems a little odd because the Mira items are gone too. I guess I just see both items as equally rare. Just because you slap on a rare symbol doesn't make it more valuable than the other stuff thats ALSO gone.

Spider Zapper is gems x2! 

Ok, is it just me or does the roof of Club Geoz and the door of the diamond shop look a little... off... It has so since AJHQ took down the Freedom Day decorations. I think it was a layering issue, and they didn't properly align one layer to the next x3 . Just a little glitch I noticed.

ALSO! I did a review on the pet stop pals playset! Click here or scroll down to the next post to read it.


I finally fixed the Find-it-Friday spoiler issue (where the answer wouldn't show). Now all you have to do is hover over the pic for the answer :)

I FOUND MORE OLDER GLITCH PICTURES! I'll be bringing the glitches page back up soon!

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