Monday, July 3, 2017


Hey Jammers! Today, something strange happened in Jam Mart Furniture, but we'll get to that later.

When we open Jam Mart Furniture up, we're greeted to a page full of freedom items!

And of course, the second page has the next item in the summer activities set.

The Freedom Party is also selling some new clothing in their shop.

And now, on to the odd news!

When jammers flipped through the Jam Mart Furniture, they were surprised to see some odd items.

Yeah, you're seeing this right! A bunch of new items.. and yes.. those panda items are 5 gems.
They were up for less than an hour earlier today (unfortunately I was asleep lol) and then taken down.

After they were taken down, chaos ensued. People were trading (actual) betas for those items. Panda items were especially sought after.

So why am i saying you shouldn't try to get these items by trading rares for them?

Because some of these are all Play Wild items.

Take the mechanical dragon & egg for example. I've seen those on the app countless times in people's dens.

I know for a fact that the flamingo is in the app because I bought one (lol).

Also, we got pig themed items, so it's not too hard to imagine other animal themed items.

It's most likely these will be released in the coming weeks. This probably was a glitch, or a mess up. But don't worry, they probably will show up in Jam Mart Furniture.


I'm gonna start posting some art that I find awesome that are made by fellow jammers! Send in your art through my email ( and I'll post it! Be sure to add ur AJ username so I can credit you!!!

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  1. Actually, there's a mechanical set of den items that were released in stores awhile ago and the mechanical dragon egg is one of them
    - Wintertyme


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