Thursday, July 20, 2017

Jamaa Journal 7/20, Secret Shop, Graham Items & NTT (STRAW HAT TREND)

Hey Jammers! AJHQ was a little late with today's update, but thats all right! Because this is a pretty cool update B-)

This Wild Weekend is centered around Graham! We've got a bunch of graham themed items and accessories.

Plus a Graham-inspired den:


Ah, of course. The infamous "christmas in july" parties and sales. It's so funny how we all love the holidays so much we want it more than once a year xD

There's a new adventure for all jammers! Good news to non-members, as well as underwater fans.

The NEW ANIMAL is going to be a FLAMINGO! How awesome!!

Otters will be leaving on August 3rd, so be sure to become one before they're gone.

 And of course, an ad for AJ backpcks. Back to school -.-

Now, on to the Graham items! Here's whats for sale in JMF:

And in the diamond shop:

It's too bad there aren't that many nm items :\

Also, I just did the math, and you're gonna need 6,800 gems and 11 diamonds (plus 7 more diamonds if you want the den) to complete the set. Yikes... looks like the set may become rare only because of how pricey it is...

AJHQ has updated their Epic Den to the Graham Workshop:

This means a new SECRET SHOP!

To find it, climb your way to the top and a little to the left. You will see a TV on top of a table. Click the table to access it!

 It looks like they're carrying out the Antique Theme!


If you follow fashion trends, then listen up! STRAW HATS are IN! The farmer-esque hat that was sold in 2014 for a short period of time. If you bought one (or won one in the Lucky Clover Adventure), then get it out of storage, blow the dust off the brim, and wear it proud! Best part is - its for nms too!

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