Sunday, July 2, 2017

Starting to See Summer Items! SECRET SUNDAY :D

Hi Jammers! Just a quick update, I'm currently planning something big for this blog ;)

We're getting summer activities in Jam Mart Furniture!

Also be sure to pick up the Freedom items before they leave after July 4th.

Would anyone want me to pick back up on the Guide to Rares sideblog I have? I've been seeing a lot of people trying to trade for rares, and a lot of "rare items" are no longer rare.


Up in the corner of the Wild Explorer's Tent, there is a Cami's Frog plushie. It's a very sought after item, and considered one of the rarest and oldest of den items.

-Added a fashion tab on the right as well as the top :)
-Adding breaks between blocks of text on pages to make it easier to read; making it flow.

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