Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jammer Wall UPDATE, Land Portals & NTT

Great news for anyone who loves the Jammer Wall! Now there are more customization options to help you personalize your wall!

Lets take a look at whats new here. First, you can add a photo of your animal, plus a caption.

It's not the regular snapshot you can take in the photo booth. It's like a tiny avatar that MOVES up in the corner.

The customization has been neatly packed into one area with choices of wallpaper & others.

You can now put STICKERS on your wall, right below your picture. There aren't too many to choose from (compared to how much they hyped it up) but the ones that are there are neat.

I love the butterfly :)
 Masterpieces can still be displayed on the wall, except you can only display 3 and not 6, since the stickers and photo are taking up space.

 Personally, I think you should be able to choose if you want the 6 masterpieces or the 3 & stickers + photo. Maybe that will come out in another update?

Whatcha think?! Feel free to comment on my wall and I'll reply :o) .

Next in news: PORTALS. AJHQ announced a new batch of portals that can be bought this wild weekend.

They each cost 1 diamond, and only Jamaa Township is nm friendly.

Not to rain on AJHQ's parade, but I don't see these getting too popular. Maybe the Jamaa Township one, since it's nm, but like... you can pull up your map and go for free.... like lol.

The thing that was special about the Buddy Den Portals was that other people could go to a completely different person's den that they didn't know. Or buddies could have quick access to dens and not have to wade through their buddy list for their best buddy. With the map already in place, there's nothing new here except extra clutter.

With that being said, maybe people won't buy too many and then they'll become rare. Who knows. But the unpopular lands like Kimbara Outback or Appondale wont be top priority of diamond spenders... I'll stop being a downer now :p


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