Wednesday, July 26, 2017

New Items + Clearanced & DW

Hey Jammers! More mechanical items have been released in JMF.

There's a super unique item in epic wonders!

 I saw an awesome outfit idea having to do with this tail & the scorpion snippers.

I love this so much!!!

Speaking of tails, there's a zipper tail in epic wonders.

The plushies at the carnival are no longer freedom themed. You can buy the next batch of new plushies now!

Here is a list of all that's clearanced as of 7/26/17


Do you have a house with no garden plots? Make them yourself with a flowerbed and a tree! This reminds me of those little tree plots you see in cities.
Ostrichgirl2nd's den

Image result for trees in city
Image Credit
Sorry for the long wait of news Jammers!

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