Friday, July 14, 2017

Unicorn Floatie, New Den Beta Placement + FIF!

Hey Jammers! A unicorn floatie is selling for 900 gems at JMC. This pony seems very familiar... ;)

The new items that came out in the Beta Party are a bit questionable. You see, they're flat. You can't really incorporate them in modern dens... However, I have some solutions!

I'd like to thank Lulupoppy for giving me this idea :o)

First off, some dens just won't work with the items. It just wont match with the perspective. Most dens are turned slightly to the left or right. However, there are some dens that are exceptions.

With the Small House, the perspectives of the house vs the beta furniture don't match:

But with the Princess Castle,

(some parts of the) Beach House,

And Mushroom Hut,

The perspectives are just right! The front facing furniture will tie in nicely with the front facing dens.

With the gates, you can either place them in the front or in the back, going off screen. To make it look continuous, I just clipped one part of the fence over another.

I put together a quick member den showcasing the perspective thing I'm talking about.

One problem. Those are member dens. So what's a nonmember to do? No worries, I also whipped up a nonmember den!

Yeah I know the mats still look wonky, but maybe it can be like they've been kicked aside or slipped on xD .

Most of the furniture looks best placed in corners. I've heard a lot of complaints about this! Which is too bad, because they had potential! And one last thing, I couldn't find a good spot AT ALL for the window. Cause you cant really place a window in the corner without it bending in the corner.

(also.. that sink is really tiny o.o)

I hope this has helped you!


Last weeks FIF was located in Bahari Bay (top left)

Can you find this?

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