Thursday, July 13, 2017

New Animal Conspiracy

What is the new animal AJHQ is hinting at? What exactly is going on in this Curious Photo page? I talked and listened to several Jammers to find out.

First of all, lets look at the image itself. If we look at it part by part, it's actually way out of proportion.

Notice the two slides. Those things are bigger and steeper than what's shown in the picture. So the red animal next to the rock is HUGE compared to the slides. But lets ignore that. Let's look harder...

What do your eyes immediately focus on when you look at that picture? The red guy right? Well lets' not focus on him right now. I don't think he is what AJHQ is trying to hint at.

Read the page again. They say "Though the photo is a bit BLURRY and GRAINY, if you look closely, it DEFINITELY looks like there might be a new animal in Jamaa"

They uppercase BLURRY and GRAINY for a reason. Why would they if it wasn't somewhat important? So lets look at the blurry part.

First off, grass. Or what looks like grass. This could be showing the jammer is taking the picture through a hidden spot. Second, the purple lines. What animal could possible have those skinny looking legs? And one leg looks to be lifted higher than the other...

Let's remember we're in Crystal Sands. A beach place. So it must be an animal with skinny legs who enjoy the beach/water.

Because I know some water birds have skinny legs, we can narrow this search quicker. Well, if we look up "birds with skinny legs" we can see a collection of skinny legged fellas!

Image result for animals with skinny legs
Hawaiian stilt
Related image
Great egret
Image result for animals with skinny legs
Related image
Black Winged Stilt
Image result for skinny leg bird
So, if we're talkin' Crystal Sands and skinny legs, a water bird seems like a big option. And what skinny legged bird is famous for standing on one leg?

That's right. The flamingo.

Plus it makes sense with the perspective. The two slides in the back. The grass mound.

There's one flaw. It specifically says an animal that has "never been seen in Jamaa". The flamingo technically has. They also hint at Heartstone. Could it have something to do with the books they put out?

Many jammers theorize that the new animal might be an ostrich, flamingo, or other water bird (even though the ostrich isn't a water bird)

But what about an Ostrich. Way back, there was a vote for a new animal. The only animal that hasn't been available yet is the Ostrich.
Thanks to Animal Jam World for the images!
But when we compare the Ostrich's design and the image in the JJ, it doesn't match up.


Ostriches have thicker legs than what's shown. But does that matter? I mean we talked about how the proportions in the image aren't exactly great.

This leaves more questions than answers unfortunately. Is it a waterbird, or an Ostrich? Or is it actually the red dude in the picture? 

Remember, this is just a theory! 

What could it be? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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