Friday, July 28, 2017


It's a bummer that you can't say certain words *that aren't even bad* on the caption on your wall. FEAR NOT! Using this glitch, you can now say what you want in 21 characters! 

Just please use with caution, I don't want jammers to say bad words :o( . This is only for entertainment purposes, and I'm not advocating you to say something bad! Just silly harmless words.

So first off. Type whatever you wanted to say on your sticky note, even if it's highlighted in red. As you can see, dab is highlighted in red (meaning you can't say that on the sticky)

Press the X button. NOT the Submit button. It will automatically save your caption and put it on your sticky!

 For more proof, you can see my Jammer wall!

Yes, you can type swear words, or jumbles of letters (ex: jskfjdkhejfdkd). Do I think displaying swear words on your sticky is acceptable? No.

Use responsibly!! AJHQ will probably quickly fix this glitch soon, so have fun while you can :o)

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  1. That's an amazing glitch!!! :O I can say my whole name!!! :D

    THANK YOUUU!!!! I won't type swear words on it, don't worry!


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