Wednesday, July 12, 2017

MAJOR Beta Party Glitch

OK, wow. So tonight I got this popup:

 Cool right? I'm very glad the party's back!

So a ton of people show up the second the party starts. Because they JUST announced the party would be back RIGHT when a party started. So everyone freaks out and entire LANDS CLEAR. Talk about population control.

So we all go down to the shop (cause let's be honest, it's pretty cool stuff). But when you tried to click on it, IT DIDN'T WORK. You couldn't access the items even though you clicked on it!

EVERYONE was mad and confused. It felt rushed by AJHQ, and people saw that.

THEN, someone said "...wait where are my buddies..". And the HORROR! The buddy list disappeared in the party!

And no, reloading and going back in the party didn't help. It was the actual party that was glitched.

So someone got a hold of AJHQ, and they replied:

This probably will be fixed soon. No worries!

The whole experience was kind of funny, cause everyone kinda bonded with each other. People were complaining how its 2 am where they were and how they woke up just for this. Then everyone said what time it was for them (me being the earliest at 11 pm.. woo northwest!) I actually became good buddies with someone from this lol!

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