Thursday, July 6, 2017

NEW PET & The Epic Den Secret Item

Hey Jammers! Hyperbird77 has figured out what the new pet is! His egg hatched an ECHIDNA!

Look at that cutie! 

Also, Hyper reminded me that you can get DIFFERENT items for the Horseshoe and Croquet set by switching colors!

Down side is, you're basically paying the price of a bigger item for one little thing. But oh well I guess.

For more tips and news like this, check Hyperbird77's blog Animal Jam Alley.

There's a new Epic Den being showcased. 

And the search for the secret shop begins! I found the item you have to click. On the bottom left of the den, there appears to be an antique sofa and right next to it is an antique lamp! Click the lamp to get to the secret shop.

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