Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jamaa Journal 7/6 and Panda Items

Hey Jammers, the Jamaa Journal came out today!

First page talks about the Pandamonium. Panda themed items are now for sale! 

Pandas are back! This is great news for nonmembers, because anyone can get them!

To celebrate it, pet pandas are for sale again!

Also, there is a mysterious photo of a new animal. To me it looks like a gecko, but those are for sale in the diamond shop. Maybe geckos will be avalible to play as?

The gift card bundle is Falcon themed.

Arctic foxes are now officially traveling.

Lastly, there is an ad for their Summer Box.

On the second page of Jam Mart Furniture, another summer activity has been added.

On the first page of Jam Mart Furniture, the panda themed items are for sale! As you know from my last post, these were accidently(?maybe) released a couple days ago and were for sale for 5 gems each. If you traded rares for these, I'm sorry :(

And finally, panda paws are avalible in the diamond shop.


Here is a carnival themed outfit by biggulps!

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