Saturday, March 29, 2014

April Fools Day Party!

You begin in a grassy area with mushrooms UPSIDE DOWN!
 The first room is where they serve drinks. How is all the furniture not floating away? Or what about that fire?!!

The whole party is messed up (in a good/cool way) If you click the drinks, you get cake instead

 Up top is a phantom room, and all the furniture seems to be right

Go down the stairs, and see all the plushies gathered there

 In the room to the right, they added a new shop!

 With cray cray items, the 3 craziest go on your head!
 Now I can finally wear cheese on my head >:3

The room to the left has games--but before you settle on one to play, know they are mixed up :o

At the bottom of the topsy-turvy castle, there is confetti

And if you walk to the left, you'll get to a shop that's lifted by balloons:

Party Rating:
It's a pretty cazy party, with really creative items. This party was fun! I wish it wasn't so confusing x3


  1. ya someone told me the cheese hats were beta and i traded a nm sword, nm fire place and imprisoned phantoms for it... D: turns out, THEY AREN"T. i'm not beggin for items, though. Although it is pretty pathetic that scammers take peoples items, it is just a game. (still pretty pathetic that they have to prey off of others who actually EARN their items)

  2. Your blog reminds me of my blog! <3 :)-Kimo from It has almost everything my blog has!


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