Friday, March 14, 2014

SnapCraft - DIY Clover Table

ROOOOOA- *cough* -AaaR! Hello people, I'm here to show you how to make the Clover Table for your LPS!

There are a few thing's you'll need to make this:

-Our Printables that you can copy & paste into WORD document (avalible at the bottom of the list)
-Green Paper (Dark & light)
-HOT Glue (i don' think regular glue will work on the legs of the table.)
-*Optional* Mod Poge

Le Printables:

 [Part 1 - Cutting]
-Step 1

Begin by printing & cutting out the templates

-Step 2
Trace the square around some cardboard. Do this either once or twice (or three times!) to make several cardboard squares. The more squares you glue & stack together, the stronger the table will be. And you want your table to be strong (like me ;) ) RiGHT?!
 -Step 3
Trace and cut the rectangle again on a light green piece of construction paper.
 -Step 4
Trace the shamrock on a dark green piece of paper

-Step 5 
With the extra cardboard, cut 2-4 rectangular strips. Have them all be the same width and size. 

 [Part 2 - The Tabletop]
You should have these cutouts:
-Step 6
If you made multiple cardboard tabletops, glue them together (to make the tabletop stronger)
 -Step 7
Once the cardboard is glued, glue the light paper square on top

-Step 8
Glue the shamrock on the rectangles!

[Part 3 - The Legs of The Table]

-Step 9
Fold the cardboard strips so it makes 3 creases. If you fold them together, it will make a square shape. Glue the edges down in that square shape.

-Step 10
Glue down the 2-3 legs you have made!

Aaaaaand YAAAY! You're done!
Your LPS will love this Lucky Day Craft! Tune in next week when we show you how to make the chair & a clover patch (Yes TWO IN ONE!)


  1. Yay the 14th is my bday! :D
    im jammer3580

  2. What is a mod poge?


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