Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blog Egg Hunt

Welcome to the First Blog Egg Hunt

How to Search for Eggs:
I will "hide" eggs in the pages of this blog. They will be in these Pages:
Excluding: "Home" Page, regular posts (past and present), & my other blogs such as The Jamaa Journal, Strawberry the Horse, and The Guide to Rares. I cannot Hide eggs in Animal Jam's homepage, AJHQ's blog or my YouTube page either ;)

What Eggs am I looking for?:
These are the Transparent Eggs that will be scattered on the Pages/Links:

Yep! They are the AJ Eggs you look for too! Not all will be hidden each day, and not all on the same post. Keep an eye out for them while your browsing the Pages and Links! They most likely will not be in the middle of the page.

Let's say you were reading the Myths Page of this blog. When you scroll to the bottom.. BAM! You see the Robin Eggs!

Click it! It will direct you to a seperate page with a Prize on it!

If you click the egg you found, you will be directed to a different page that displays what you have won. This page is updated frequently, so keep up! Prizes can range anywhere from a Graphic to a real AJ prize! To make sure you safely get your AJ prize, only comment your username on the page it directs you to!

Egg I-Spy:
On every other regular post, I'll post an Egg Search, where you have another chance to get a REAL AJ prize. The first to find the Emu Egg WINS an Animal Jam Prize.  To make sure you safely get your AJ prizeonly comment your username on the post!!

The Emu Egg you'll be looking for

Good Luck! Grab an Easter Basket and search!!

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