Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pile of Treasure & NTT

Hello Jammers! The newest item is the Pile Of Treasure in Sunkin' Treasures
I feel like I've seen this item before o.0

The DE posted about the Newest Adventure
When we last saw Greely, we were escaping the eruption caused by DEFEATING the PHANTOM KING. Did Greely survive? Play the NEWEST JAMAA ADVENTURE, The Search for Greely, to find out NOW!

There's a new calender up:

And a new vid in Brady's Lab!

Be sure to play Pill Bugs because it's Gems x2!

Have you sent the latest letter to your buddies?
 It's like the graphic in the GIF they posted not long ago! :D

Hurray! The newest Adventure is out. I just finished playing it, and it's pretty cool. A lot of dodging lazers though O.O

There are TWO new badges also!

AJHQ put up Panda Banners with info on Endangered Animals:

Here is an outfit to match the butterfly wings! I love those wings so much, I also like the Faerie Wings though :3


  1. Well, Greely isn't dead in the new adventure, but he has been captured by the Phantoms. Guess what this means? Greely isn't evil and the Phantoms hate Greely! He could disguise himself as a phantom and sneak into the portal. I'm kinda disappointed that he isn't evil... he could've been useful to us (the Phantoms), had we known it was him all along. I was wondering why a strange Phantom crossed the portal often without us questioning...

  2. I don't understand the concept of the egg hunt, please elaborate.


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