Monday, March 10, 2014

RIM - Rare Flag

Helloooooooooooooo Jammers!! There is a new shop in the sky and it sells some royal items:

Jam Mart Clothing also sells some new items!

Including today's RIM
 And there is another new shop underwater

Look around Jamaa for spring and St. Partick's Day decor~

Also, play the game Pest Control, it's gems x2!

*Whew* this is a long post x3 there are TWO new badges to wear!!!

Hey, have you guys noticed you can't type @ # $ % ^ & * or - in chat anymore??? This is bad, I liked using the * alot 3:
The Tree is in bloooom ^-^

I think I'll turn this segment into like a Secret-Mystery type thing. So here is a mystery: what kind of fish is this and why is it in the Chamber of Knowlege? Does someone study it along with the other animals?


  1. Where is the fish in the chamber of knowledge? I was looking around and I didn't see a fish :(
    Just curious!

    1. nvm, I found it using my sister's eagle.

    2. im pretty sure its just mira the crane... jag me if im wrong

      my user is fluffmister11


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